Answers to questions that are frequently asked. (FAQ)

Confused, huh? Well, we don't blame ya.

We thought this might happen so we made this handy, easy to use FAQ page to clear up any burning questions you might have. We thought it also might be a nice way to give people a little insight to how this whole thing works.

If we missed anything or if you have a crazy question that we didn't think to cover, feel free to drop us a line at

How do I play?

Playing Twitpardy! is easy.

Things you'll need: A Twitter account, a way to check/post to Twitter, & general knowledge to answer some trivia.

If you don't have a twitter account, click here to go get one.
OK. Ready? Just follow these steps.
  • Follow @twitpardy on Twitter. Here's the link.
    Once you do, we'll follow you back after a few minutes.
  • Wait for @twitpardy to post a new question.
    Once an hour, Twitpardy! will post a question in the form of an answer. Like, maybe: "The sound a cow makes. (100 pts)"
  • Direct Message @twitpardy with your answer within 10 minutes of the question being posted.
    Remember to put it in the form of a question, like this: "d twitpardy What is Moo?"
That's it!

Now, if you responded correctly within 10 minutes of the answer being posted, you'll get points for your response.
We'll track those points here on the Twitpardy! home page and on your user page.

Things to remember:
You respond by sending a direct message to @twitpardy. (ex: d twitpardy "your response") and you must put your answer in the form of a question, like this: "d twitpardy What is Moo?".

What is Twitpardy?

Twitpardy! is a Twitter-sized trivia game loosely based on everyone's favorite trivia TV show.

Twitpardy! and Twitwit Games is in NO WAY affilated with the super awesome trivia show "Jeopardy!", which we are big fans of. The font & image in the logo is totally a coincidence ;-)

The basics here may sound a bit familiar:
  • Twitpardy! responses must be in the form of a question.
    If the answer we post is "This is the first President of the United States.", the correct response is "Who is George Washington?"
  • A correct response will give you points and an incorrect response will take points away.
    If a question is worth 100 points if it's correct, it will be worth -100 points if it's incorrect.
  • You will always know how much a question is worth.
    The point value will be in the answer that we post: "The sound a cow makes. (100 pts)"

How does the leaderboard work?

Twitpardy's front page leaderboard updates each hour after the most recent round has ended. For now, the leaderboard stats will reset every Sunday at midnight (12:00am) Greenwich Mean Time. That way, everyone is back to even for Monday morning.

All of your stats will be held onto and we'll be rolling out a new improved leaderboard that'll show the all-time and 30 day leaders. We'll also be adding leaderboards for each category.

How can I check my stats?

Just use that there search box in the top right corner of any page and search for your username.

On your user page you'll see your Twitpardy! stats including:
Point Totals, Overall Rank, % Correct, Correct vs. Attempted, & Best Category with Rank.

I answered a question - How do I know if I got it right?

Remember the search box I talked about in the last question? Well use that to get to your user page. Then, click the box at the bottom of the page that says "Last 5 Responses".

The new pane that opens will show you the five most recent questions you submitted an answer for, the correct response, what you responded with and whether or not you got it right.

Do I get penalized for NOT answering a question?

Absolutely not! We want people to play the game when it's convenient for them. You should answer questions when you want to. If you don't want to answer, then don't.

  • Good times to play Twitpardy! include: Riding the train, sitting in a waiting room, on a road trip, in the bathroom, or in a meeting.

  • Bad times to play Twitpardy! include: While driving, in the dentist's chair, mid-coitus, or in a meeting.
  • Who are you and why did you make this?

    Twitpardy! was lovingly crafted by and .

    Hey, why don't you guys have achievements/badges/stickers?

    Oh ye of little faith... this is coming. We thought it best to give people a chance to try this out for a bit before giving them another site to obsess about. Aren't we thoughtful?

    I have a really good idea for a question/feature on Twitpardy! Who do I tell?

    Go here and let us know. We love ideas.

    What is Twitwit Games? / Why is the URL ""?

    Twitpardy! started out as an only child, but before long it's over-enthusiastic parents thought up some good ideas for other Twitter-based games.

    Twitwit Games will be the parent of these sibling games. (If enough people enjoy Twitpardy!, that is)

    What is Twitpardy! built with?

    Twitpardy! uses the following technologies:

    Much love goes to all of the developers of those systems / libraries / etc.

    Something is wrong, who do I tell?

    Depends on what's wrong:
    • My point total isn't right.
    • E-mail us to let us know and we'll look into it (
    • I've never played this, but my username is here OR I don't want to play anymore.
    • This one is easy: if you don't want to play any more just stop. You can unfollow @twitpardy or just no longer respond to any questions.

      But if you want to wipe your Twitpardy! experience away completely: E-mail us ( to tell us to remove you from the game.

      (If you do this you will no longer show up on the site or leaderboards and all earned or to-be earned achievements will be gone. THERE IS NO UNDO!)
    • I've answered questions but I don't show up on the website / don't have any points.
    • We're still working all the bugs out of this, but we strive for everyone to have a good time. E-mail us at to let us know the problem and we'll get right on it!
    • Your website is down and I want to check the leaderboard.
    • Umm, no offense but, if the site is down, HOW ARE YOU READING THIS?! Eh, oh well. In the case of downtime we will work diligently to get the site back up ASAP.

      You can also look for updates from and for details on downtime.
    • I'm angry about something.
    • We're sorry to hear that. Please feel free to contact us. But remember, Twitpardy! is free and is really just here for people to enjoy. Try taking a nap, drinking some tea, listening to birds sing or getting over yourself. Thanks!